Do you want a new car? Do you need to find some inexpensive items for your new home? Want to buy some new jewelry to add to your collection?
Police auctions are a great way to get the items you want at very nice prices. Not sure where to start searching? These resources will help you. is one of the best websites to visit if you're looking to find out more about police auctions.
This site will offer a huge variety of items, so if you're searching for a new bicycle for yourself or your child, a decent laptop that is in good condition, or currency and coins to add to your collection, the site will have lots of choices in each category for you to choose from. Specials that are currently being featured on the site include a 14 K gold bracelet that is currently being bid on for a little under $300, a Panasonic laptop for around $250, and a video game system from Microsoft for slightly over $170.  Make sure that you check this site often to see the rate at which the bids are increasing, as well as to see how much time is left for bidding on the items you want.

There are also auction cars on the site to be bid on as well, so chances are you'll find an affordable vehicle that has the features that you need.  At  you'll also find some great deals that you won't want to pass up. You may place all of your bids online and there are lots of beautiful pieces of jewelry on the site that are being sold for a fraction of what you would pay in the jewelry store, so make sure that you search through the site for diamond pendants, necklaces with sapphire accents, and diamond bracelets that surely will make great additions to your jewelry collection.

You can also purchase automobiles on the site for as little as $500 dollars and many of them are in almost new condition.  The site will also give you great information on foreclosures so that you may be able to find additional property that you can use as an investment.  While you can visit these sites for police auctions, you can also find out more about auto auctions that are going on locally when you visit
The auctions are sponsored by the Department of Defense, and there are even some cars for sale that were previously owned by the government's General Services Administration Fleet.  You can also check with City Hall in your area in order to find out when police auctions will be happening in your city.

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